Relation between Civil and Political Rights

It is not easy to draw a hard and fast line of demarcation between the civil and political rights. Some of the civil rights are definitely of political nature, e.g., the right of association, the freedom of speech, of press, etc. Moreover, civil and political rights are interrelated and interdependent. It is a lesson of civil rights as well.

On the other hand, the exercise of political rights without civil right is meaningless. Without political rights, civil rights remain incomplete and precarious. Political rights are the guarantee of civil rights; and civil rights are the basis of political rights.

A State which denies political rights will sooner or later also deny civil rights. Yet civil rights are prior to political rights and basic to human nature. “Take away political rights, and you still leave a man some rights; take away his civil rights, and you degrade him at a stroke to the level of a chattel or a beast.”