Robbery In Kamran Akmal House In Lahore

kamran akmal picLahore: Pakistani test Cricketer Kamran Akmal is in deep troubles nowadays. He faced another disturbance just one day after he cleared from PCB and selected for 30 man squad of T20 Cricket world. Now this time his enemies are not related to Cricket. Last night, some criminals have robbed Kamran Akmal home and runaway, media reported.

Talking to media Kamran Akmal said that he has Suspicion on his female servant who was just hired. Police reported that robbers stole away jewelry of heavy amount. On other hand, Kamran Akmal asked police to find out culprits as soon as possible.

No more details have come regarding this but it’s worth mentioning here that almost 19 months back, Kamran Akmal relatives were robbed and they lost million of rupees cash, jewelry other stuff.