Shah Waliullah Reform Services

In the opinion of Shah Waliullah, moral down fall of the Indian Muslims was caused by ignoring Islamic teaching and they were distributed and degraded due to lack of synchronization of thought. Shah Waliullah, for eradicating this defect, wrote various books. Moreover, he also translated Holy Quran in easy and understandable Persian. He expressed the causes of down fall of Muslim nation and their anti dot in his books.

Moreover, the scholars of the different Islamic schools of thought interpreted Holy Quran according to their personal views and interests due to which mutual differences aroused a lot. Shah Waliullah, eradicating these differences, created unity of thoughts.

With reference to reformation, Shah Waliullah interpreted Islamic principles and beliefs in a right direction, stressed the balance in the thoughts of ‘Fiqah’, eradicated confusions and misunderstanding amongst the different groups of Muslims and created positive revolutionary thinking.