Sindhi Language

Sindhi is one of the oldest South Asia languages. With the arrival of the Muslims in South Asia, Sindhi advanced. Several Arabic, Persian and Turkish words were introduced into this language.

Modern Sindhi: The foundation of modern Sindhi language was laid down in late 19th century. Sindhi is written in a modified Arabic script.

Treasure of Sindhi: In the 20th century, Sindhi made great progress in both prose and poetry. In prose, short stories, novels, drama, travelogue, essays, etc are being written. In poetry, besides the traditional verse forms, like Ghazals, many Western, Chinese and Japanese forms have also been written. Thus Sindhi today has a big treasure of literature and knowledge. Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, Sachal Sarmat and many mystic poets and saints have made great contribution to promote and develop Sindhi.