Social Media Sparks on Shehzad Roy and His Wife


Shehzad Roy Wedding Picture

Geo TV Special Educational program “Chal Parha” is becoming more controversial day by day.  The Pakistan’s Biggest Electronic and Print Media Guru is telecasting this show on Prime time. On other hand, many people on social media are also protesting on content of this show. The Show “Chal Parha” is highlighting social and educational problems from all over Pakistan. The protesters on social media are claiming that this program is propagating western ideas and its anti-Islamic show which is against National interest.  After on-airing of just of couple of episodes of this show, a massive protest was started on social media against Shehzad Roy. And Now Shehzad Roy’s wife Salma has been on Protester’s target.

Claims of Social Media Protesters against Shehzad Roy

These Protestors are defaming Shehzad Roy in two ways. Initially, few info-graphics were shared on social media about show. The unknown protesters included some parts of show in which Shehzad talked about Urdu and Islamic content. And then these people also exposed Shehzad Roy’s personal and Professional life pictures in which Shehzad Roy is modeling with girls. On other hand, a group is claiming that it’s an immoral action to show personal pictures of stars.

Not only are this but from last few days, Shehzad Roy’s Wife Pictures also circulating on internet.  Shehzad’s wife Salma had been remained VJ on a leading Pakistani TV Channel. Now these protesters also showing her pictures and asking Shehzad, This Type of Educated Pakistan you want?

We are respect Singer Shehzad Roy who has given his time for social and humanitarian works in Pakistan but we also want that he shouldn’t ignore social media campaign. He must give answer of all allegations against him and his family.