Stage Dancer Mahnoor In Aik Din Geo Ke Saath

Stage dancer and actress Mahnoor was guest in Geo News show Aik Din Geo Ke Saath. The show is hosted by Sohail Warraich. Sohail reached Mahnoor’s farm house where he was received by Mahnoor’s mother.


Mahnoor wake up by dancing on the famous Indian song Item song ‘Fevicol Se’ from Dabangg 2. Sohail Warraich shakes hands with him and said what is going on. On which Mahnoor replied that ‘Fevicol Se’ is her favorite song and whenever she wakes up she hears this song.

Mahnoor said she is better dancer than actress. Choreographer Rahim Gul also give training of dance to Mahnoor. She added that she works till 1 AM and she sleeps after offering Fajar prayer. She said that she can’t sleep without offering Fajar prayer.
It is to pertinent to mention here that last year Mahnoor went to Hajj. Mahnoor has done matriculation but she didn’t continue her studies when she was in 1st year.

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  1. Suffian

    Feb 09. 2013

    Dear Mahnoor

    I have seen you in AIK DIN GEO K SAATH. I want to contact u. pls send me ur contact no r call me at my cell pls (0300-8331693).


    Suffian (0300-8331693)

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    Mar 02. 2013

    mahnoor pls reply my request. Suffian

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    Aug 07. 2014

    I have seen your all vids & all shows but U do’nt lift me sweety. Can U tell me plz, why R Uangry? Plz plz plz contac me or send me U R cell number plz. My cell Noz: R 03005761507 & 03348819528

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