Stage Dancers Afreen Khan & Nida Chaudhry Banned

Stage dancers Afreen Khan and Nida Chaudhry were banned to from doing any show, act on stage. In the recent few weeks there were hundreds of complain of vulgar dance. People have said that there was lot of vulgarity and nudity in stage dance.


A stage dancer of Lahore commenting on this ban said that people complains of these dances but when they came to see the dance they always demand vulgar dance. She said that there have been many cases when people have given extra money for more and more vulgarity in the dance.

Meanwhile recently famous stage dancer Nargis Chaudhry said that she will not dance anymore instead she will learn Islamic education. Another stage actress Saima Khan has also said that she will never dance again and now she is committed that she will never dance on stage. Saima added that she will only act in dramas.

Pakistani stage dancer Mahnoor also refused to work in stage drama as she was going for Hajj this year.

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5 Responses to “Stage Dancers Afreen Khan & Nida Chaudhry Banned”

  1. salman

    Dec 07. 2012

    That is a great news.

    it should be banned

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  2. aamir ali

    Dec 17. 2012

    ThankGod…these stage dances should be banned forever.

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  3. hamid

    Dec 24. 2012

    Why not you all pakistani peoples bans on Nargis Chaudhary,,,,she is more vulgar and hilarious…Nargis promote the vulgarity and bad things on stage dramas……i think this ban will no longer be affected…it will soon lifted up because without vulgarity dance stage dramas will not longer be telecasted on specified standard

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  4. shrimant

    Feb 07. 2013

    very dissppointing news for saima,nida’s fan club..I think this should be taken in spirit of entertainment ..I think bollywood items numbers and commercial ads are vulgar …not these fantastic dancers.who create magic on stage with naseebo ‘s voice.

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  5. farhan

    Feb 24. 2013

    c0ol these all prostitu*es from heera mandi should be banned forever and even they should not be allowed to enter the stage or even the public places.

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