Structure of Formal Education System Of Pakistan

The formal education system consists of educational institutions, textbooks, teachers, examinations, certificate and degrees. The government of Pakistan is divided into the following stages or categories.

  • Primary Stage: It is from class 1 to 5. It has duration of 5 years. Children of 4-5 years take admission in class 1.
  • Middle Stage: It is from class 6 to 8. It has duration of 3 years. Children who have passed the primary take admission in class 6.
  • Secondary stage: It is from class 9 to 10. It has duration of 2 years. The secondary board issues SSC certificate on passing the secondary exam.
  • Higher Secondary Stage: It is from class 11 to 12. It has duration of two years. The higher secondary board issues HSC certificate on passing the higher secondary exam.
  • Degree Level: The students after passing the higher secondary exams can get admission in a college for a degree course. It has duration of 3 years now.