Student Girl Case Exposed In Sar-e-Aam, ARY News Show

Sar-e-Aam show of ARY News has become very popular and its viewership has increased a lot. In the recent few months different episodes of Sar-e-Aam have been viewed by many people. Raid at Tariq road beauty parlour episode was a big hit. People have appreciated the work of host Iqrar Ul Hassan.


The recent episode of Sar-e-Aam showed that student girl (of class tenth grade) told the host that she is blackmailed by her boyfriend because her private videos are in mobile of her boyfriend. She told that her boyfriend threatens her and forcefully invite her to have se* with her. She added that now her ex-boyfriend also calls his friend when she has to go to his plavce.

In the show Iqrar Ul Hassan also told that few months one woman contacted Sar-e-Aam team and that her former husband has uploaded her private videos on internet. Iqrar said that after reporting it to Federal Investigation Agency Cyber Crime department, the links of those videos were blocked.

Video credit: ARY News & ZemTV

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9 Responses to “Student Girl Case Exposed In Sar-e-Aam, ARY News Show”

  1. zark shahzad

    May 13. 2013

    dear sir !
    ap ka ye program bohat bohat help full hai ager koi b larki ye video dakhy ge r wo samjdar hwi to mjy yaken hai k wo ye galti nai krty ge

    R sb se bra problem ye hai k ladkyan bohat jaldi aitmad kr laiti hain boys pe jo k behad galt hai yar

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  2. Fayyaz

    May 14. 2013

    Dear I
    qrar Ul Hassan
    Sar-e-Aam show of ARY News

    I Have To Agree This video But Sir Somebody played by the name of love and blackmail to a innocent girls because of love. A Quastion is that Why Girls Go To The Date Point And Snopi And Etc If Girls Are Agree So Boys Had Been Played…..

    Agar Larki Tayr na Ho To Larka Kuch nai Kar Sakta hai Sir Galti 2no Ki Hoti hai Par Larke K Pass Option Hota hai Larki k pass koy optin nai hota hai So meri Tamam bhene Ap log plz kise se bhe dosti ya payer karne se Palhe 1 Bar Soch leya kare take app ki Family Or ap ko kise problenm ka samna na karna pare I Hope k Ap log meri bato ko samjhni ki kosish karege

    Massege: Rong number se dosti ya bat na kia kare aur jise janti nai hai os ki bato me mat aya kare take ap ki izaz aur bap ka sir bhe na jhoke….

    ALLAH Hafiz

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  3. Truth

    Jul 07. 2013

    i dont know why these bhai’s of these innocent bi*ches always react and call these bi*ches innocent infact these bitches accept themselves that they have private videos in their bf’s mobile etc so if they are innocent they are doing sex every day? strange isnt it how come innocent girl knows sex and every day she enjoy it shoot her self and at the end she get innocent?wooow strange shame on their fathers, brothers and who ever telling them innocent they should be hanged also the news anchor must be punished badly because she is not married and got harrased by some one but she is young and enjoying and shooting and fu*king n su*king n rubbing n after all that she is innocent?

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    • Truth reply

      Aug 10. 2013

      Dear sir, There are points to note down
      1. The explanation given in by The News Anchor is “General” not “Specific”. You are talking about specific girls (General: Overall, Specific: Some girls that shoot themselves.
      2. Some girls think (I don’t agree) that her B.F need this video in order to remember the good moments (Sexual) and not to think of a second female.
      Being a psychologist I can proudly say “The Anchor did a good job at least we can aware some innocent girls. We cant minimize the risks.
      A second thing clear and taught by ISLAM, explanation of which is “Every adult at the age of maturity should get married as soon as possible” This teaching can greatly minimize these kind of risk (The anchor did not mentioned this point) I guess this is the main point (The key solution)

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  4. pakistani

    Aug 10. 2013

    salaaam. sir me apka bht bara fan hu iqrar bhaiii….apki har episode kamaal ki hoti jo girl video wali episode hy bht kch nasihat hy is me waqai magar sir afsoos k sth tali dono hath se bajai jati hy..agar aap ek tarafa baat pe yaqeen kre ge or sirf larkia hi ryt hy to ye na insafi hy q k jtna qasoor larko ka hota hy utna hi larkio ka ……

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  5. Hashimi

    Dec 22. 2013

    Dear all Ladies Only?

    I am really bothered hearing blah women/girls are tricked in the name of Love… Once bitten twic shy, A human learns from the mistake of others and a fool from her/his own….. Making trust should be equally seen from the scope of your modesty & Family reputation not a joy of a few minutes that will damage your whole life path forever…. Girls/Women are like Gold (untouched) but once exposed are like metal or no use…. Please dont expose like moon but keep your modesty & family reputation like Gold….. Wallah you can make a life and finally one who is already chosen by Allah will meet you and give you the love of all the world!! You will be happy in this world and hereafter as well!! May Allah guide all our females on the right path and bestow them modesty!!!

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  6. Muhammad Ramzan

    Jan 05. 2015

    dear sir
    actually problem es tarah hall nahe ho ga es k liye proper nezam e taleem ki zarorat hy ap es tarh kitny logo ko rok sakty hain ap university colleges ki situation daikh lain zayada halat yahan kaharab hain its mean hamara nezam e tallem wo taleem nahe day raha jis k ziry insan ko achay aur bury ki pechan ho agar taleem ap k program sy hasil karni hy to ye universities ko band karwa dain aur waisy bhe esi taleem ki kia zarorat hy jo insan ko janwar bana rhe hy

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  7. azar

    Mar 08. 2015

    Dear sir …….. ma Islamabad ma parhta hun yah rehta hun….yaha jisam foroshi k kam but taaze se students ko tabah kar raha please is ph b bt Kary ….ma help kar Sakhta hun…………………

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