Sharmila Farooqi

Sharmila Farooqi Dance Video on Her Wedding Goes Viral

Sharmila Farooqi who is known as famous female activist of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is entering in new phase of her life with her life partner Hasham Riaz Shaikh as her wedding ... Continue Reading →

Sharmila Farooqi Makes Record of Casting Vote on Wedding Day

Newly wed politician Sharmila Farooqi has made a record of casting vote on her wedding day on Thursday as she has proved herself as a loyal lawmaker of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). ... Continue Reading →
sharmila farooqi with husband

Sharmila Farooqi Wedding On 5th March, Nikkah Held

Sharmila Farooqi who is a famous Pakistani politician affiliated with Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is going to marry with the son of Ahmed Riaz Shaikh, Hasham Riaz Shaikh as Nikkah ... Continue Reading →
Sharmila Farooqi's dance

Sharmila Farooqi’s Real Face Exposed

The leader of Pakistan People Party (PPP) has exposed in front of everyone as her dual faced has come across the public during the PPP’s Jalsa which was held on 18th October. ... Continue Reading →
Sharmila Farooqi

Sharmila Farooqi Didn’t Replied To Questions In Interview, But Why?

Pakistan Peoples Party’s leader Sharmila Farooqi got angry over media anchor and did not reply to his questions in an interview as he was asking to her what have you done for ... Continue Reading →
Sharmila Farooqi

Sharmila Farooqi Official Vehicle Robbed In Karachi

Karachi: Few unidentified armed criminals have snatched Sindh Chief Minister’s Special Advisor Sharmila Farooqi’s official vehicle in Karachi, news channels reported. According ... Continue Reading →