Technological Revolution, Information Explosion & Political Science

From the middle of the 1930’s began an explosion in information and communication, which is still going strong. It began with the technological revolution in electronics, telecommunications industry, etc., which ushered in radio broadcasts in advanced countries of the world and later on the television telecasts, and audio and video cassette recorders, etc. This revolution has been further enhanced by the introduction of the computers. Thus began the powerful influence of the modern high technology, which has transformed the science of politics as well.

One of the interesting effects of the high technology developments was the behavioral revolution in Political Science, especially in the United States, after the Second World War. As a matter of fact, the social sciences of sociology, social psychology, anthropology psychology and statistics have already begun to influence the study and research work in political Science.

Such technological devices as electronics, telecommunications, the computer and others made it possible to collect, store, and retrieve the data or facts about political activities and behavior. These techniques and methods have enabled behaviorist Political Scientists, first in America and later in many other countries, to undertake systematic empirical and predictive analysis and study of the political process and behavior.