Unrest In Syria

The Russian support to Assad regime can be traced to the spat between Russia and NATO over Georgia in 2008, in which Vladimir Putin announced to reactivate closer ties with Syria, Algeria, etc. Following the same approach, Russia has opposed any international action against the Syria.

Assad regime that is still firm to grasp the power, is now using snipers against its own people, as the city of Homs is besieged these days and has become topography of terror. Thanks to media, which is able to provide correct information, otherwise, denial of President Bashar Assad regarding the arms- in an interview with America’s ABC News- being used against people must have gained weightage.

Regretfully, the Arab mission has also been subjected to failure. Now the Arab proposal intensifies pressure at United Nations to formulate response.

It is high time to bring the Syria on table and initiate the dialogue process and bring issue in spotlight, like Iran is given.

By Izhar Hussain