Urdu Language

Urdu is not a new language for Pakistan. Prior to the inception of this country, Urdu used to be spoken, written and understood throughout undivided India and Hindus used to make Hindi language as the official language of India therefore, they started a movement against Urdu from Banaras in 1867.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan stated on the basis of this Urdu opposition movement that: ‘The Urdu Hindi dispute has proved that Hindus and Muslims belong to two different nations which can’t live together”.

Two Nation Theory no doubt, came into being on the basis of Islam but no one can deny that Urdu language has played a role in promotion Two Nation Theory. Although all the four provinces of Pakistan have their regional languages also but Urdu is spoken and understood in all the provinces Punjabis, Sindhis, Baluchis and Pathans all speak and understand Urdu.