Veena Malik Husband Is Employee In Factory – Not A Business Man

veena malik bashir photosPakistani actress Veena Malik recently announced that she has done Nikkah with businessman  Asad Basheer Khan Khattak who runs business in US and Dubai. However according to latest media reports Asad Bashir is not a businessman and is an employee in a factory in Dubai.


Recently Asad Bashir’s relatives in Dubai invited Asad and Veena on a dinner in a local hotel. Media personalities were not invited in the dinner but somehow few of the media persons came to about the dinner. Asad Bashir said at that time that he has rough type house in Kohat. On this Veena Malik said that she will live in Dubai, US and in Pakistan as now her in laws are also in Pakistan.

Media reports claim that Asad Bashir is from a lower middle class family. Veena on her Nikkah announced that Asad Bashir is a big businessman. This lie of Veena is however appreciated by some of the people on social media as they are of the view that it is good that Veena is marrying a normal guy but it is also strange that why she said that Asad is a big businessman.

Veena Malik has changed her name on her official twitter account which is now Veena A Khan Khattak 
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6 Responses to “Veena Malik Husband Is Employee In Factory – Not A Business Man”

  1. nimra khan

    Jan 01. 2014

    it is good that she choose to marry a normal person

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  2. Asif Sajjad

    Jan 01. 2014

    Bht acha howa ye isi k qabal thi

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  3. Fahad

    Jan 02. 2014

    I can remember one Bollywood movie scene film is called gajni when heroine was checking different guys for look like businessman hmmmm scene was something like that

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  4. mujtaba soomro

    Feb 02. 2014

    its good that the truth has cum out. it was a blind belief that she said he is a big business. hope she realizes as soon as possible. and may be she was making a cover up. a reality is a reality

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  5. finza

    Nov 10. 2014

    she desrves this…

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