Which Airline Has The Best Service Facility? Pakistanis View

turkish-airlines-pakistanWhich airline has the best service facility? Etihad Airways? Turkish Airlines? or Qatar Airways. Share your experiences

Qatar is best.Go for Qatar, its service is also very good.
Turkish is the worst. Food is pathetic so is the staff.
Qatar is best and Etihad is the worst.
Qatar is the best. Don’t go for Etihad. Emirates is quite good as well. Turkish sucks though it’s cheap Qatar is best in service and other facilities. Etihad is not bad either. It’s very comfortable, totally worth the price.

Qatar especially for longer duration flights.
Qatar & Emirates. specially for long route. 
Out of Qatar and Turkish, Qatar is best. Haven’t traveled on Etihad.

Define service. Are you asking about the food served or the entertainment. Depends on which type of plane you book your seat in. There are different classes.

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