Crackdown Should Start Against Fake Agriculture Medicines In Sindh

Sindh Minister for Agriculture, Muhammad Ismail Rahoo told that crackdown should start against fake agriculture medicine. Specially those who are supplying, trading and involved in any type of illegal activities.

Ismail Rahoo warned those factories and industries who are producing counterfeit agriculture medicines and drugs. They should close the production of fake medicines and its plants immediately. It is fact that counterfeit agriculture drugs are being sold in the market.

Further he told that concerned department will immediately start crackdown against production of fake medicines. Basically our economy is base on agriculture that’s why Sindh agriculture sector has a position of spinal cord in our economy.

Muhammad Ismail Rahu told that agriculture department has a problem from many decades. We will try to make agriculture department active.

Further he told that market committee is facing many problems that’s why we are making plain to solve their problems. As well as we will install 500 solar tubes well.

By Talha Pasha