Elaichi Wale Baba On Geo TV

Elaichi Wale Baba photoElaichi Wale Baba has created lot of news. Elaichi Wale Baba was present in 10 Tak Ke Baad With Sahir. The show is hosted by Sahir Lodhi. For the five days Elaichi Wale Baba was present in the show who was doing different type of unusual things. Paranormal activities were shown in the show.

But on 21st July Sahir Lodhi showed that this Elaichi Wale Baba was only fake and he was doing only tricks. Sahir Lodhi while commenting on the show said this type of show was aired so that people get to know that most of Aalim Baba who take money to get rid of magics, jinnat are only fake.

In the recent few months many TV shows have been aired on Magic and Jin. The topic of ‘Jadu Jinnat Aur Un Ki Haqqeqat’ become very succesfull and many people watched 10 Tak Ke Baad With Sahir. The show timings are 11:00 PM to 01:00 AM from Monday to Friday.


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