Express Tribune Sabeen Mahmud Un-Islamic Things On Valentine’s Day

express tribune valentine scandalTwo days ago Express Tribune and Sabeen Mahmud came with photographs which were un Islamic and very much controversial that it hurts millions of Pakistani Muslims and other Muslims also.

Sabeen Mahmud shot some images which Express Tribune posted on their website. In the photograph two or three people were seen who were standing in front of Hadees posters which were against Valentine’s Day. These people were also holding posters which were insulting these Hadees posters.

Hundrerds of people protested against these images of Express Turbine and also against Sabeen Mahmud. Many on Facebook report their pages and now Sabeen Mahmud Facebook page ( and Twitter Pages ( does not exist.

After the whole controversy and a big protest on social media Express Tribune on its official Facebook page updates the following status:
Dear readers,

All of us at The Express Tribune would like to apologize unreservedly for causing any hurt or offense to our readers over a slideshow that was published covering a local event. With your feedback we took action and rectified the error by removing the images. Appropriate action has also been taken to ensure that something like this does not happen again.

Thank you for being a part of our community and helping us grow.

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