Global Environment Producing Positive & Negative Impact Especially In Sindh

Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum Chairperson Mohammad Ali Shah said that that Sindh government should aware public regarding reasons of global environment changing and negative impact of calamity hit, increase productivity of agriculture land and grow cattle farming.

At this moment he told that in his speech changing of environment it is the major issue of all over Pakistan especially Sindh. Mainly Sindh is much affected from these changes. Mustafa Mirani, Zulfiqar Halipito, civil society representative Salman Jee Abro, human rights commission Hyderabad and doctor of task force, Asho Thama, Mustafa Balocch, Abass Thosa and others delivered speech at this moment.

Further different resolution has been passed in which different seminar will be conducted to develop consensus regarding environmental issues, safety reasons and mineral reservoirs will be a part of district development plans.

Further he stated that Climate change had already cut to the global food supply and its fuelling wars and natural disaster. But Pakistani government and disaster management are unprepared to tackle these risks affectively. This report has issued by UN Climate Science Panel.

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By Talha Pasha