Himesh V Atif Music Competition – Geo TV Is Not Listening

When the trailer of music show Sur Kshetra (Atif Aslam V Himesh Reshammiya) was on aired on Geo TV, I was very happy that I will also participate in this music competition. But I have failed to understand that why Geo TV has not given the complete detail of the venue. I along with many other friends are confused that whom we should contact.

I have sent several email to Geo TV regarding Atif Aslam V Himesh Reshammiya music competition audition but there is no reply from them. I have also registered through SMS but no detail has been provided till now. Some people are saying that auditions have been held and there will be no audition on 17th January, 2012 & 18th January, 2012 in Lahore and Karachi respectively.

I appeal to Geo TV management to show some responsibility and give the details of the auditions as where the auditions will be held.

By Murtaza Hashmi 


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