Hyderabad Residents Facing Severe Problems of  Rain Water

The citizen of Hyderabad is facing severe problems due to incompetent drainage system. Sewerage line is unable to pass the water properly. Hyderabad Municipality Corporation (HMC) has compelled public to pass the miserable life and unavailability of drainage system.

According to the report sewerage and drainage line is not cleared. Due to this reason different diseases are spreading like Chikungunya  and Dengue. Norani Basti, Pinjra Bridge, station road, Makki Shah Road are facing these issues. But Water Sanitation Agency (WASA), HMC and local government are unable to fulfill their promise. HMC is trying to clear sewerage and drainage but these areas situation is still same.

Further during the last week almost many roads, streets, underpass and flyover are inundated with water just like a small lakes.

MQM Pakistan MNA Syed Waseem Ahmed blamed Sindh government over the post rain situation which is faced by residents of Hyderabad. He told that Jam Khan Shooro who has been elected as a minister from Hyderabad is not solving city problems.

By Talha Pasha