Increase Export Of Textile For the Betterment Economy in Pakistan

Pakistani export will increase around 15 percent and it will reach up to $23.4 billion. The value of USD is increasing from time to time and exporters are getting benefit. But utilities product and industrial product price is increasing that’s why exporter performance is affected.

Pakistan’s Commerce Federal Secretary Mohammad Younus Dagha was addressing the meeting with famous businessmen groups of SITE association and industry. He stated that products of Pakistan are becoming famous regarding quality. Pakistani fodball was used in FIFA world cup 2018.

But manufacturing cost is increasing due to this reason performance of export is creating negative impact. Utilities tariff of industry should reduce then they will be able to control the manufacturing cost.

Younus Dagha told that Pakistan has entered into club of countries who are achieving high growth rate in export. It will create great positive impact on the economy of Pakistan. Further he told that Pakistan export will increase more up to 14 during the next financial year 2018 to 2019. He made this claim during the meeting with Commerce and Textile headed by Senator Syed Shibli Fara.

By Talha Pasha