Jinnah Gardens, Islamabad – Plot, House Price 

Overview: Easily accessible via University Road, Jinnah Gardens is amid-range residential neighborhood which was established in the late 2000s. Approximately 40% is built-up (houses); property is in moderate demand.

What is nearby: PWD Society and Soan Gardens are a five-minute drive away. Boundaries: Lohi Bhair (north), Naval Anchorage (east), kahuta Road (south) and Islamabad Highway (west). Available utilities include: Electricity, gas, sewerage, telephones and water.

Available amenities include: A commercial area, mosques, park and schools. Nearby recreational avenues include: Lohi Bhair Safari park.

Nearby eateries include: Bakery Mart, Bits & Bites Restaurant, KFC, OPTP and pizza & fried Chicken.

The prices (in rupees) of vacant plots in Jinnah Gardens, Islamabad are as follows: Plot sizes (sq yds) Purchase price ranges 200 1-2 million 280 2.5-3 million 355 3.5-4 million 500 4.5-6 million.

By Nimrah Butt