Karachi – Dance in schools, where are we heading?

Chief Justice of Pakistan should take notice in this regard and the unbearable fees they are taking from Pakistan’s pubic. These so called private schools are taking high fees from parent for providing a bogus education to their children. Our brothers and sisters are providing them high fees from their incomes. We should protest in this regard on social media so that our voices can reach to Chief Justice Of Pakistan.

People commented on the above story:

Hey, this is our freedom. Don’t impose Stone age teachings on us. There is nothing wrong with it. With advancement of civilization, the culture and life style should improve as well.

What about Islam, is there any place of this thing in Islam? I think you must take suggestion from some Islamic scholar as he will make you understand that these kind of activities are prohibited is Islam.
That is why I have already decided to provide education to my children from Iqra School. First they will do hifz of Quran Pak. Insha Allah.

You can go for Arqam Public School or The Inspiration School an ERI Project. Not only they make the children wonderful and practising muslim, they also nurture them with quality education comparable to Modern Education.

The Inspiration School and Arqam Public School have branched out schools of the famous Usman Public School, having nearly more than 20 branches throughout the city. But because of some Audit issues from JI, the Head Principle, and the Head Administator of all Usman branches, left Usman, and opened their own two projects.

The above discussion was done on Facebook group.