Why Kashmala Tariq Got Annoyed Over Waqt News & Matiullah Jan?

Waqt News Journalist and Anchor Matiullah Jan was harassed and illegally detained in the office of Kashmala Tariq. But do you know why she got annoyed over Waqt News team?

The reason was revealed by Matiullah Jan himself while talking with media.

He said that ex-MNA became angry when she was questioned about her eligibility to be appointed as the Federal Ombudsperson for protection against Women.

He said that the team was kept in detention for more than 1 hour, during which the staff attacked the crew including Matiullah Jan.

The video of the harassment of Waqt News Team was shared on twitter in which Kashmala Tariq can be seen ordering his staff to snatch the video and camera.

When the team resisted she ordered the office staff to close the doors and prevent them from leaving.

CEO of Waqt News, Rameeza Mujahid also condemned the act and raised questions on the police which she claimed were helpless in the office.

After videos of assault started circulating on social media Kashmala Tariq responded by alleging that she was hit by Matiullah Jan, though no evidence was brought to prove the claim.

According to media reports Kashmala Tariq is very close to Federal Minister Khawaja Asif.