Kashmir Solidarity Day observed in Jeddah By Pakistan Consulate

Kashmir Solidarity Day ceremony organized by Pakistan Consulate Jeddah in Saudi Arabia was held in which citizens of Azad Kashmir including Pakistani delegate to OIC participated.

On this occasion, the international community was demanded to stop the ongoing violent activities in Occupied Kashmir.

Apart from Consul General Khalid Majeed, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Austria Aftab Khokhar and Pakistan’s representative to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Syed Fawad Sher also participated in the Kashmir Solidarity Day ceremony organized by the Pakistani Consulate in Jeddah.

On this occasion, the speakers addressed the participants and said that India is engaged in violent activities against Muslims in Kashmir. Pakistan will continue to support on every forum

Aftab Khokhar, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Austria and Consul General Jeddah Khalid Majeed, the guest of honor, said that Pakistan continues to support the Kashmiri people politically, diplomatically and morally, and Pakistani and Kashmiri citizens living around the world should also make the issue of Kashmir a public issue and Highlight the surface.

Syed Fawad Sher, the representative of Pakistan in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, said that the OIC has always supported Pakistan’s position regarding the Kashmir issue and urged India to follow the UN resolutions to resolve the Kashmir issue.

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