Lahore’s bustling Davis Road – Shop, House Price

Davis road, which is popularly known as sir Aga khan road, has become one of Lahore’s   primary commercial thoroughfares over the last five years due to the establishment of several offices and hotels.

Travel and banquets… Davis road is lined with offices of several banks, international airlines and travel agencies. The government of Punjab’s Agriculture Marketing Department has a presence there along with several well-known hotels and corporate events are held on a regular basis.

Lahore’s beloved landmark…If you approach Davis road from mall road, you will see many of the city’s landmarks. These include the Punjab squash complex, which is a popular recreational avenue for sport enthusiasts. One of Lahore’s most prestigious educational institutes, Aitcheson College,  is also visible; it is named after former lieutenant governor of Punjab, sir Charles Umpherston Aitcheson, and was established in 1886.

Vintage vibe….

Accessible via Davis Road is mayo gardens, which was originally established to serve as a home for the officials of the North Western State Railway during the raj. It is a charming neighborhood with house that has stood there for decades, and is dotted with plenty of green spaces.

The real estate takes…. Classified as a midrange area commercial property options including standalone shops and office space in low-and high rise building due to increased commercialization over the years, several houses that once lined the road have been demolished to make way for banks, hotels and travel agencies. Property prices and rentals increase by 10% every year.

In nutshell…. Although Davis road is becoming increasingly commercialized, the fact that it is home to several colonial buildings and boasts of plenty of greenery, gives it an identity that is a mix old of and new.

By Moneeza Burney


200 sq ft 10-12 million 40,000-60,000
400 sq ft 15-20 million 60,000-70,000
500 sq ft 25-35 million 80,000-100,000
1000 sq ft 35-45 million 150,000-180,000