Malala Book Brings ‘Criticisms’ For Herself, Says Ansar Abbasi

‘I am Malala’ a book that entails the young Pakistani girl’s views and perspectives for various events and about relevant figures has met several criticisms by notable figures of country, mostly the journalists.

The veteran journalist Ansar Abbasi has commented on her book stating that the statements and the accounts by Malala are sufficient not to call her a controversial figure only but also to call her a ‘western’ agent.  Since, she presents the views contradictory to that of Islamic preaching and what is expected from a patriotic individual.

The book has experiences of her father. Malala talked upon the Prophet Hood. Like the westerns, she has used the Prophet’s name in a way, without writing Peace Be Upon Him after Holy Prophet.

She supported Salman Rushdie, a figure that is disliked by many of the Muslims for his views and statements against Prophet Hood. According to Malala, her father also criticized her wrong views, but every one has the right of freedom of expression!  Another supporting notion to that of the westerns!

Ansar commented stating that she tried to portray and bring defamation to the country, by presenting the rulers tenure, that of General Zia-ul-Haq and Pervaiz Musharraf a conservative and restricting period for Muslim women.

It was stated that General Zia had imposed several restrictions on the Muslim women and it was during the time that Muslim women faced unprecedented problems. She has used words against Taliban and slammed the Pakistan’s intelligence agency, ISI for failing to detect presence of Osama Bin Laden that resulted in May 2 incident.

For Mullah Omar, the Swati girl has used ‘one-eyed mullah, thus making fun of the religious clergies. To her observing burqa is mere a displeasing clothing!  At one place, she is reported to have said that in 1997, on 14 of August she and her family members have had wore black armbands. They felt that they had nothing to celebrate since Swat remains uncivilized since Pakistan’s inception.

Ansar also criticized Malala of showing sympathy with Ahmedis who have been termed as non-Muslims by the Pakistan parliament for their religious beliefs.