MNA Asks Capt Safdar To Become Imam Of Parliament

Shahjehan Mangrio has asked Capt Muhammad Safdar to become the imam & prayer leader in the mosque of the parliament on which Capt Safdar responded positively saying that it he will feel proud on becoming the imam and asked her to propose his name.

MNA Mangrio was inspired by the speech of Capt Safdar on the issue of blasphemy where he emphasized on the need of intelligence agencies and PTA to work against the people behind blasphemy and those who are funding them.

He also spoke against those who carried propaganda against Justice Shaukat Aziz saying that this issue is a Jihad and we will continue it. Capt Safdar explained that Facebook & YouTube will not be blocked but said that blasphemy on social media will not be tolerated.

Another MNA Farhana Qamar also spoke supporting Capt Safdar and become emotional and broke into tears.