Pakistan Players & Spirit of Game 

I can tell from my personal experience is that as a club/academy player in Pakistan when you are growing up, no one talks to you about the spirit of the game, what or what not to do on/off field. No laws are discussed, in fact, most of the management is ignorant of the laws and how it should be implemented in a match or why they should discuss it with each individual.

The match officials are least bothered or have no/limited knowledge of the laws. Even in the first class scenario we hardly see senior players mentoring the juniors or junior going up to a senior discussing the game.

No proper training is given to the players about the spirit of the game, ethics or laws. The onus is on the individual to learn by himself and inculcate his personal values/moral with the cricket codes. That is the sole reason our players at international level are so vulnerable against these viruses (match fixing, spot fixing, ball tampering, etc…).

I think PCB should focus on the training aspect from the grass root level, so none of our promising talent go to waste.

By Hammad Shams

Absolutely. Values and code of conduct are something that starts from home and is enforced in institutions and companies. Values always have behaviors that must be demonstrated and sadly this is lacking in many areas of institutions and companies in Pakistan.

The lack of above is visible in communication tool in the group.

The above comments were made on Facebook group.