Pakistani Children Life on Stake for Few Rupees

poor pakistani childrenKarachi: Pakistan is among those countries where more than 50% people are living in low standard life. A Recent economic survey more than 8 Crore Pakistanis are under 14 years. Most of these children have to work with their families to stay alive. Though there is a law on Child labor in Pakistan, we hardly see implementation on this.

Life at Risk for Few Hundred Rupees

A Same example from Karachi has been shown by foreign media journalist. According to report, children around 10-15 years from Rehri Goth Karachi take risk on daily basis just because of couple of hundred rupees. They travel on a dangerous plastic bag to travel in sea. They reach on a small island where they grab Crab.

Families of these children are living very piteous life. Sometimes their whole work discards by crab buyer due to some minor defect. These poor people can’t afford education even free because they have to work to feed their families.

[alert style=”green”] We are living in such a society where children lost Childhood before becoming adult. [/alert]

Here is video of this report (embed from BBC)

Via: BBC

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