Politician of KPK Mr. Arif Yousaf’s Profile and Contact

Mr. Arif YousafMr. Arif Yousaf is a young politician in current KPK Assembly. He is a politician of good character and enthusiasm. He has worked zealously for his people, making them comfortable and standing with him in time of need. He has taken active part in relief efforts and has always shared the distress of people. He is affiliated with right-wing, mainstream political party famous for enunciation of democracy, justice and equal opportunities for all Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, led by a cricketer turned politician Mr. Imran Khan. Imran Khan is also famous for Shaukat Khanam Hospital and other relief and welfare works.

Mr. Arif Yousaf is a learned man. He belongs to a civilized and educated family. His father Muhammad Yousuf is a well reputed man. Currently he is serving the constituency of PK-04 Peshawar-IV. He acquires the post of Special Assistants in Cabinet in the department of Law. He is serving this post since 4th October 2013. He is also serving as a Committee Member of Standing Committee No. 7 on Communication and Works Department.

Mr. Arif Yousaf is an able politician who he serving his people fir long. He is living a happy life and follows Islam as religion. By profession he is a politician.

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