President Mamnoon Hussain’s Nephew Gets Extortion Chit

Karachi: Former President Asif Ali Zardari has enjoyed exemption from the court trials during his chairmanship. No action against him by the criminal or terrorist group has had been taken. But the present acting President does not enjoy ‘exemptions’. In the metropolis city of Karachi, where the criminal activities are high with deteriorated law and order situation, even family of the President, Mamnoon Hussain cannot benefit from the power he exercises.

It has lately been learnt through the sources that nephew of Mamnoon Hussain has received the extortion chit. His ice-cream shop is located in the light house area of Saddar. The amount demanded is worth Rs. 60 lacs. Few days back, firing incident was also witnessed there for not paying the amount.

It is remarkable to see in the Pakistan history, for a politician to have family background that observes simplicity in various aspects.

Earlier, the PML-N elected President’s sons have had also set up stalls in the local cattle market that involved no sources.

Police forces have been deployed in the area after the incident.

Being a President, Mamnoon represents a decent picture of his simplicity and that of his family. It is because of this reason that they face problems like other citizens of the city. Otherwise, political figures remain exempted from such problems faced by an ordinary man of the society.

Updates: Unknown Terrorists opened fired at Mamnoon’s Nephew shop.

-Lyari Gang War Group is involved in this extortion, Police told media