Property Tax Department of Pakistan & Corruption 

Recently I visited Property Tax Department SITE office in Karachi. They sent us show cause notice for plot F-497 which is registered on the name of Miss Zubaida Jamal, she is widow. They didn’t issue tax challan on July 2017. However they told that they had already issued tax challan but property owner not presented that’s why they issued show cause notice for that plot.

The amount is Rs. 70,000 but last year tax challan amount was Rs. 41,420. It is already entered in Deputy Commissioner (D.C) System.

Officer said that if we pay bribe Rs. 15,000 original tax challan will be made i.e. of Rs. 43,600. The office condition was worse and following problems were in the room:

  • Files were spread every where
  • No house keeping
  • No administration
  • No one is asking to officers why they are late
  •  Openly asking for bribes
  • No one is there to resolve problems
  • Computers are not upgraded and advance
  • Behavior, dressing, attitude all should improve

Big question is everyone faces these issues than why officials are not taking action against these corruption and fraudulent activities. They are earning and making money from these corruption and illegal activities.

By Talha Pasha