Sindhi Poet Rashid Morai Dies

Syed Rashid Ali ShahHyderabad: The noted revolutionary Sindhi, well-known poet and writer Syed Rashid Ali Shah, recognized for his inventive verses, died on Monday after prolonged sickness at Rajputana Hospital Hyderabad at the age of 71. Syed Rashid Ali Shah Rashid, generally known as “Rashid Morai” was born on 5th March 1944 at Moro Sindh.

Syed Rashid is survived by a widow and eight children, counting six daughters and two sons. Mr. Morai had been moved to the private hospital five days ago from Nawabshah hospital. He was suffering from acute asthma and breathed his last at 4 pm, said Shah Latif, son of late Morai.  A large amount of people attended the funeral of Sindhi Poet.

Late Syed Rashid was a teacher by profession and was also a dynamic leader of Primary teachers’ Association, Sindh for a remarkable period. Morai was a creative writer who initially greeted from Moro. He was not only idealistic and romantic poet but also wrote against anti-human forces through his revolutionary poems, particularly in the different times of martial law.

Rashid Morai wrote many books of which 12 had been published while about 50 remained unpublished. He penned many books of which 12 had been printed whereas around 50 books remained unpublished. Rashid Morai’s long verses turn out to be very famous during 70s and 80s, when his poetries shaken many souls and hearts. He was buried at his hometown Moro, Sindh. Sharmila Farooqi expressed grief and sorrow over the loss of Sindhi poet Rashid Morai and extend her heartfelt condolence to his family.