Sugarcane Farmers & Growers Facing Problems across Punjab

Sugarcane farmers and growers are facing problem in Punjab. They are not getting payment from the mills owners for their production.. Industrialist said that they are also not getting payment from government and Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP). That’s why farmers are facing long delay in payment.

As well as sugarcane farmers and growers are facing several problems due to needless delay in sale of sugarcane. Sugar mill owners demand that sugarcane price is too much high. That’s why our unit cost price is out of control.

If government will not increase the white refine sugar prices, payment of dues, subsidy and do not allow to export then we would be compelled to close sugar industries.

According to the report around 47 plants were closed and 43 plants are still working. Industrialists pay around 27 billion rupees to farmers during crushing season from 2017 to 2018. But industrialists are very strong mafia from political point of view. In which many industrialists are from PPP, PMLN and PTI. 

Government should immediately resolve issues regarding sugar industries. 

By Talha Pasha