Tabassum Mughal Scandal (Controversy), What is Reality?

Tabassum Mughal 1These days social media is full of several posts regarding mistreatment of famous fashion designer Tabassum Mughal with her client. The posts were emerged by the cousin and friend of bride to be who ordered her Baraat and Valima dresses at Tabassum Mughal. They showed pictures of bride’s mother who was beaten up by the famous designer due to the protest against designer who was not meeting with the deadlines for bridal clothes of her daughter.

According to the details, bride’s mother went to the boutique of Tabassum Mughal in order to received bridal clothes of her daughter on delivery date. But when the staff of the boutique denied to give her clothes, she started to shout at the staff and asked them to call the designer. [alert style=”white”] Due to her protest at the boutique, Tabassum Mughal came out from the rom and said angrily that dare to take your clothes and money from me and ordered to her workers to beat this Rickshaw wali aurat.  [/alert] However, the staff of Tabassum Mughal beat her with chairs, pulled her hair and thrown her out of the boutique.

It is also added in a post of bride’s cousin that Tabassum Mughal kicked, punched and slapped herself to bride’s mother along with other four men by saying that those people who travel in Rickshaw don’t deserve to shop at Tabassum Mughal. However, Pictures are appearing on all over the internet in which it has clearly seen that bride’s mother’s hands, arms and feet are covered by several marks and bruises which she received at the boutique of Tabassum Mughal by herself and her staff.

Although, it is also mentioned in a post that bride’s Baraat and Valima outfits were ordered at Tabassum Mughal which were not showed to the bride even two weeks before her wedding. During the past two weeks, they showed dresses which were out of measurement as well as color, designing and kaam of the dresses were also nasty. Due to which bride got angry and tried to contact Tabassum but she got disappeared and did not speak to the bride regarding her dresses further. On the other hand, general manager of the designer had also misbehaved verbally many times and said no description was provided but however they will make some changes.

After this incident, fashion designer Tabassum Mughal also replied against the allegations over her on her Facebook page which later got deleted. She replied that people do not know the truth behind incident and are spreading this case like fire. She also added that she has a tape of the incident which can show the real incident but she doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. Tabassum further said that exaggeration is a part of fame, when people got famed, people try to bring hurdles in their way as they can’t see happy anyone.

On the other hand, agreement has also made in which bride’s mother Shagufta Noor agreed to take 5 lac and 50 thousand from Tabassum Mughal by refusing any actions against fashion designer. It is pertinent to mention that FIR was also registered by victim against designer and her manager Zubair Ahmed due to maltreatment with her.