WAPDA Town, Lahore – Shops, Plot & House Price

Accessible via Canal Bank and Raiwind Roads, Wapda (Water and power Development Authority) Town is one of Lahore’s largest suburbs. Initially, property could only be purchased by Wapda employees, but is now available to the general public. Over the last few years, Wapda Town has witnessed a surge in the establishment of commercial enterprises and many houses have been converted into bakeries beauty salons and retail stores as a result.

A residential haven… Wapda Town is divided into two phases; Phase I was established in 1982 while Phase II came into being in 1995. These phases are divided into blocks which are separated by wide boulevards. Mosques and parks have a presence in almost all blocks; the latter have jogging tracks and are especially popular among residents in the evenings. Branches of various schools such as Lahore Grammar School, The Punjab School and Government Degree College for Women can also be found there adding to the areas’ appeal.

Brimming with commercial activity… Several commercial pockets dot Wapda Town, and you will find many well-known clothing outlets, grocery stores, shoe stores and super stores, in addition to a handful of fitness centers. An estimated 50 eateries are also located there, providing a wide range of choice as far as food is concerned; the most popular eateries include Fri-Chicks, Howdy, Karachi Hot N Spicy, Nutella Tandoor and Phajja Siri Paaye. No wonder then, wapda Town is considered one of Lahore’s most popular foodie destinations, attracting clientele from across the city.

The real estate take… Property values has increased moderately during the last five years, with prices and rentals going up by eight to 10%.The demand for commercial property is on the rise and this trend is expected to persist in the forthcoming year.

In a nutshell… Thanks to an increasing number of commercial enterprises, which include some of Lahore’s most popular restaurants and retail outlets, Wapda Town is carving out a new identity as anemerging shopping and foodie hotspot.

By Maheen Hassan



100 sq ft 5-6 million 25,000-30,000
200 sq ft 7-10 million 40,000-60,000
400 sq ft 15-20 million 80,000-120,000