Zainab Rape & Murder – Basic Questions For Police

Already gutted over the entire incident but there are some questions that should be made public.

1. When Zainab was taken to the hospital, who was the person who verified her identity? (Must be a close relative)

2. If her parents were on Umrah, with whom she was staying?

3. As per CCTV clips, Zainab was holding a hand of the criminal as he’s some trusted guardian to her. (Definitely didn’t look like a kidnapping attempt)

4. At the actual time as per CCTV footage, why the 7-year old was out alone at night with a guy? Who allowed her? (Should be asked from a host family)

Everyone protesting should raise these questions. It might effectively help the case and a little girl might get justice.

By Abdul Qadir Jawaid‎