450 Most Wanted Criminals; Majority Party Associated Except Of PML-N, PTI

karachi target killingIslamabad: The most wanted criminals in Karachi are associated to either any of the political party. According to the official sources PML-N and PTI are the two political parties with whom name of any criminal is associated. A source is stated that we do not allege the political parties responsible for the growth of these criminals but it has been found that they seek shelter under them.

It further said that when majority of the criminals will be held then we would see that how their respective parties react. Up till now it is being said that all the political forces have shown interest to restore peace in the country and have raised voice against the vandals, either the target killers or the extortionist.It has been further said that out of the list of 450 most wanted criminals, 20-40 have already been held by the rangers.

Those who are on the most wanted list already have FIR registered against them and hold criminal records. Secret institutions had presented the list to the Prime minister upon his arrival in Karachi where a high level meeting to resolve the peace issue was discussed with all the political forces involved. They had expressed that arrest of these extremist vandals would help to alienate violence.

Target operation would be the first step towards the successful working of the secret institutions. Reports by JIT, Special branch IB reports have listed MQM, PPP, Sunni Tehreek, ANP, JI among the parties involved in criminal activities including land mafia, extortion, drug dealing as well as forcefully taking animal skins on Eid-ul-Azha occasion.

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