Anonymous Cyber Attack, Israel Faces 3 Billion Dollar Loss

Anonymous hackers maskMore than 3 billion dollars have been lost in recent attacks from Anonymous group against Israel, cNet reported. This group hacked not only government accounts but it also attack on common citizens of Israeli state. These attacks gave statement from unknown location in which they claimed to infract dozens of official websites in protest against Israel’s brutality in Palestine.

The attackers didn’t limit themselves to government websites but they also hacked social networking accounts of Israeli people. The Anonymous termed this cyber attack as “Anonymous Operation Israel” which was started on April 4. According to media reports, websites of Police, Prime Minister Office, security forces and other ministers were hacked during this attack.

In Press release, Anonymous said that they are doing this due Israel’s November aggression towards people of Gaza Strip which killed more than 100 people and wounded 1000. The PR was released on 4 April and they announced to start attack from April 7. They said that elite cyber-squadrons from all around the world would start cyber operation.

On other hand, Israeli military scientist from National Cyber Bureau Yitzhak Ben Yisrael responded strongly on Anonymous attacks. He said that the group failed to damage country’s major infrastructure. The Group doesn’t have skills to hack this system, He added.