Ayesha Ahad Malik Again Tries To Meet Hamza Shahbaz Sharif

ayesha ahad malik under attack Lahore: PML-N senior leader again faced her alleged wife Ayesha Ahad Malik during Intermediate position holders’ ceremony. According to details, Ayesha Ahad Malik was waiting for Hamza Shahbaz at Alhamra hall. When Hamza Shahbaz came, Ayesha tried to stop his car. PML-N ladies who were already warned about possible mishap from Ayesha were present at location.

PML-N ladies stopped Ayesha Ahad car start shoe attack on windscreen of Ayesha’s car. PML-N females forcefully pushed Ayesha into her car.

On other hand, PML-N already told security team that Ayesha Ahad may come. That’s why female security staff got off veil of all female students and their mothers, Private Media reported.