Bike One Wheeling And Women Insult Cases Are Increasing In Lahore

Lahore: Provincial Capital of Punjab is facing serious social issues on roads. The Motorcycle One Wheeling trend is increasing in Almost all cities of Punjab but it is on top in Lahore. On other hand, police has failed to stop such dangerous Stunts on busy roads. Canal Road, Defense area, jail Road, Shahrah e Quaid Azam, Gulberg and many other roads are best areas of these spoiled boys.


According to media reports, these flawed boys enter on road in groups. Most of time, other vehicles damage due to these groups. Citizens complained to Police but no major action has been taken in this regard. People demanded from government to take serious action against these

Not only this but these boys also tease Girls on roads. They shout on them and use bad words, media reported. A TV Channel also exposed Girls Harassment on Roads of Lahore but nothing happened to counter this immoral actions. These boys also scuffle with other car and bike drivers.

Few days ago, Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar warned bad guys to stop their cheap activities in public places otherwise he will take strict action. Till Now, Now major update has been issued from Interior Ministry to stop Women Insult on Roads, Markets, public transport and other public places.

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8 Responses to “Bike One Wheeling And Women Insult Cases Are Increasing In Lahore”

  1. Naila Ikram

    Aug 04. 2013

    Government Should Punish them
    kory marny chayen sary awara ko

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  2. Rahet Kazim

    Aug 04. 2013

    Now Pakistani boys talk abt morality in uk/usa… here in uk, we have freedom to sue them :p

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  3. Umer Mover

    Aug 05. 2013

    Well its Bike Wheeling not willing.

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  4. Asif Ali

    Aug 06. 2013

    This is Parha-Likha Punjab!!!

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  5. sharibali

    Dec 18. 2013

    i love wheeling

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  6. Muhammad

    Dec 19. 2013

    Fun is fun so there should no any restriction but they should be guide with good speech to do some acts not generally every were to do go something special areas to be made.

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