Construction at Bath Island, Clifton (Karachi) Making Too Much Noise

My father is suffering from Cancer and undergoing Chemotherapy. He’s a sick patient at home. And I don’t know for what reason there is constant construction work being done right outside my apartments. We live in Bath Island, Clifton. This constant work continues through the day, which is understandable…but it continues throughout the night also!!! There is nobody who is listening to us… can anybody help us in this regard!

How is it allowed or humane to have heavy construction work going 24/7 without regards for the residents of the area !! For reference this site is behind Crystal Hill Apartments, Feroze Nana Road, Bath Island, Clifton Karachi.

Please help to sort this issue !

By Surrendar Dawani


Mr. Saad, the owner of the construction company that’s working on the project behind our apartment building came to visit me today in evening and personally apologized about the situation of late night work being carried out. He also informed me about the government rule that dumpers can only enter from 9pm to 6pm. He also assured me that this work will be completed within a week’s time and that we shall hopefully have no complaints later.

I appreciate his gesture of coming himself and taking care of things. I also very much appreciate the help of all the members of the group that helped me in this issue and spreading the word.

Finally I request all the members to say a prayer for my father’s recovery from this dreaded disease and become healthy again soon.

People commented:

Kindly request the concerned builder/owner.
If they don’t listen lodge a complain t to CBC.
If that doesn’t work as well then get in touch with Arif Alvi Sahb or KSherZaman/SamarAli. They’ll probably help you out.

Firstly lodge a complaint against the developer with the concerned authorities. If the situation persists file a Constitutional Petition through a counsel nominating the authority concerned as well as builder at Sindh High Court.

I suggest you to move your father to some else place as these people won’t listen you nor anyone would help you.

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