What Documents Are Required in Car in Pakistan?

Yesterday I was stopped by a traffic warden. He asked for my car’s paper and then my driving license on providing them both he then asked for INSURANCE papers, I just wanted to ask that is it their right to check the INSURANCE papers??? Is it a proper rule that a car should be insured or else you will have to pay challan ?

Road insurance is necessary. Road Insurance is called 3rd Party Ins., which covers accidental damages and Car Insurance is Full Insurance which covers the accidental damages and theft etc.
Atleast you must keep 3rd Party Insurance.

To full fill the rule it is must that you have third party insurance which cost around Rs 300.

Yup the law requires to have the insurance. You can get it done for a few hundred from next to civic Centre i.e. If you reside in Karachi.

Its Road Insurance, which covered the person if you hit any one upto Rs. 20,000/-, you may obtain by paying Rs. 200 to 400 from outside the Civic Center Karachi.

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