Dolphin Show to Be Held In Maritime Museum Karachi

Karachi: The long awaited dolphin show is expected to begin the next month at the Maritime Museum in the metropolis, sources have learnt. Couple of days ago, bluegill whale has been brought to Pakistan. The fish is similar to the dolphins, but is bigger length wise. It is white, long and beautiful in appearance.

It is high time for the children to gear up for one of the most entertaining show, held across the world.  The beautiful creature has been for the first ever brought from Russia to attract the visitors all over the city.

Bluegill whale is 12 feet wide and 1 ton heavy in weight. Small fish are the food of whale. ‘Stephen’ named whale has been kept in special pool for its size and its value.

The pool is built in international frame. It is 66 feet in length and 56 in width. This year has enjoyed existence period of a decade. More dolphins and sea line would be brought for entertaining the viewers at the show.

According to the administration, for the first time in sub-continent such show would be held. Moves of the dolphins and playing tactics are fun. Soon the Karachiites would be able to entertain themselves at the Maritime Museum in November, 2013.

It is pertinent here to mention that from past two years, the show was said scheduled in the city but owing to some reasons the show could not be held. Let’s hope, this time it does not get delayed. More Contact Details of this show will be updated soon.