How To Register For Computerized Arms License In Sindh

Computerized Arms License Sindh Date for getting the arm licenses computerized with the renewal of the old ones have been extended till January 31st 2014. Individuals possessing fire arms are recommended to renew their old licenses by going to the respective Deputy Commissioner Office.  Application forms for new licenses can be retrieved from NADRA counters. Government of Sindh has commanded for the implementation of the changes.  After 31st of January, old licenses will be cancelled.

Following points need to be considered while filing the application form:

  • The form shall be filled with black pen in English CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • Duly check the information after filing the form. Once checked, sign below.
  • 2 recent photographs with blue back ground shall be pasted on the NEW ORIGINAL LICENSE form
  • For an individual possessing personal arm, it is necessary to fill separate license form
  • Photocopy of original license form shall not be acceptable
  • For every license, separate license shall be issued, with separate forms to be filled.
  • Fees deposited for issuance of computerized arm license is non-refundable.
  • Change from old to new Computerized Arm License forms will be acceptable only to the licenses issued by the Sindh government.

Following documents shall be attached with the form:

  • Original receipt received from United Bank OMNI shop for the payment of 1000 Rs fees
  • Copy of CNIC
  • Original and photocopy of old  arm license

In case of any inquiry or complain, call at the following numbers of respective deputy commissioner office or the Interior Ministry Department.: 021- 99213420, 021- 99213410

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