Major Causes Of The Separation Of East Pakistan

East Pakistan and West Pakistan were 1600 km away from each other. India and the sea were between them. People living there could not come closer and misunderstandings were created between them. The problems of both parts of Pakistan were different. West Pakistani officers posted in East Pakistan did not behave properly with them.


The Bengalis grew hatred with West Pakistan. Repeated martial laws created a sense of deprivation in the people of East Pakistan. Lack of democracy disappointed the Bengalis. The issue of official language only Urdu angered the Bengalis.

A number of Bengali students lost their lives in the demonstrations held against the government’s policy. East Pakistan wanted complete provincial autonomy which they were never given. It was accepted when India attacked East Pakistan in 1971.


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    Apr 29. 2014

    Good but lack of reasons……….

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    Jun 27. 2015

    not sufficient plz add something more

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