Maria Wasti Clarifies Her Position On Beach Photos

TV actress Maria Wasti has said that it was strange to see people’s reaction on my personal photograph on beaches. She said that it was annoying and disturbing to see the commentary and captions on those photographs. Maria said this in her recent interview with a leading English newspaper of Pakistan.

“The commentary on those pictures was horrible. How do people behave on beaches? What do they wear? It saddens me to see how people twist things to fit their limited vision,” Maria said regarding those photos which become viral on social networking websites.

Maria also said that it is double standard of our society that we see extra-marital affairs or domestic violence films/dramas of Hollywood and Bollywood but when any Pakistani production house showcase these issue people started to raise their voice against them.

Many Facebook users have once again criticized Maria Wasti on her bold views and are of the view that our society, cultural does not allow these type of thinking and one should remain in limit. What are your views regarding Maria Wasti please comment.
Few years back these and many other controversial photos were and still are shared on internet.

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