Maryam Nawaz Sharif And Ahsan Iqbal Scandal

Recently an image has been shared a lot on social media especially on Facebook of Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) leader Maryam Nawaz Sharif and Deputy Secretary General Ahsan Iqbal. In the image both the PML-N leaders are standing with each other. It looks that image was taken from any event of PML-N.


Many people who claims to be Tehreek-e-Insaf supporters said that there is something wrong going on between Maryam Nawaz and Ahsan Iqbal. The image has been shared more than thousand times on most of the PTI supported pages. PML-N supporters on Facebook have stated that this is a fake image whereas some PML-N supporters believes that image is real but there is nothing wrong in the picture and Ahsan Iqbal is like Uncle to Maryam Nawaz.

The image has started controversy and once again abusing is also seen between PML-N and PTI supporters. Now two to three pictures have become viral on Facebook and it is only hinting towards some bad relations between Ahsan and Maryam.

However according to our sources there is no truth in this all and only some people have started this controversy and defaming PML-N leaders for unknown reasons. Maryam Nawaz is wife of Capt (R) Mohammad Safdar and they both maintain a very good relationship.

These images are shared on Facebook:

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37 Responses to “Maryam Nawaz Sharif And Ahsan Iqbal Scandal”

  1. Muhammad Irfan

    Apr 27. 2013

    Me Dawe ke sath kehta hun k ye fake he…………. or jisne ye bna kr upload ki he uski b____n kisi ke sath real me kharab hogi mgr uski fake pic nai hogi…. aho.. chalo nassooooooooo………..

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    • hasna

      Jan 26. 2014

      this is wrong about imran khan and nawaz family to pori ki pori aesi hi hai

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  2. fa

    May 01. 2013

    There is no way that this couldnot happen. People dont forget the past. Maryam nawaz ran away with her guard Safdar. Later after intervene of Mian Shareef ( abba jee) Nawaz shareef accepted the marriage and she came home back. Now that security guard holds an important positions in nawaz league. Maryam nawaz is always a loose character lady. You can expect from a girl who ran away with her guard. Badiiiii aye shareeef.

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    • Kanwal

      Jun 17. 2013

      im no PMLN supporter but such ignorant comments are not a pleasure to read. Capt. Safdar was an in-service army captain serving as ADC to Nawaz sharif. that doesn’t make him a guard for God’s sake.

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  3. rola pai gea

    May 04. 2013

    aaey haey.. marium to kch b kra skti ha.. waday lok te wady kam..

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  4. dr.z

    May 05. 2013

    acording to wikipdia she had ilegal relationshp wid cpt sadar b4 marriage n then she ran away wid Him.who later On xpolited His relationshp n got manistiries etc frm nawaz family…is nt it pathatic?

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    • Malik

      Jun 04. 2013

      kindly don’t misquote. There is no such thing on Wikipedia. kindly don’t blame any women of such things until you have solid proof. Islam strictly prohibits such things.

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      • sami khan

        Jun 09. 2013

        Yes there is nothing as such on wikipedia. I don’t like Nawaz shareef and the family for certain reasons. But this is really bad to defame anyone, without any real proof and with just mis-quotations.

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      • Sach

        Jul 10. 2014

        Captain Safdar k sath bhagny wali bat Rana Sanaullah ny leak ki jo k PMLN ka hi hai :p Us ka bayan parh len google pe liken ” Rana Sanaullah About Maryam Nawaz” :p aur Ahsan Iqbal k sath ki pic to ap ny dekh hi li hai :p

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  5. zubair

    May 06. 2013

    this is fake , kn ha kutay ka bacha jis na ya kia samnay a teri tangay toro

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  6. ali

    May 07. 2013

    iss may assi koyee baat nhi hay kay iss tasveer pr koyee affair ki bat ki jaya.pti walo ka dimakh kharab hu gya hay.jamima ki nangy tasveray tu google pr bashumar hay

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  7. khurram bhatti

    May 08. 2013

    jis ne bhi yeh pics de hain wo pehle apni m** b*** per nazar dale kia wo fake nai….

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  8. Food for thought

    May 09. 2013

    Well can’t we all stay in complete harmony , few comments clearly show the anger people have for who ever uploaded this picture that they keep on abusing that person and his family . These political personalities don’t give a dam about u , what they care about is the way they can manipulate the masses and as far as Mariam nawaz is concerned she ran away with someone what kind of moral actions can u expect from such a women who didn’t even care about the shame she put her family through , and how can u think she is fit to be a leader after all that she has done – food for thought

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  9. Haider

    May 13. 2013

    If doesnot matter mohtarma mariam nawaz is a repectable lady of pakistan and in pakistani politics, i think this photo is have no much rather then a party event, ahsan iqbal a very mutures polotician and also decent person and feelings shows in this photo as a well wisher and uncle of mohtarma mariam nawaz,

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  10. Zahid

    May 20. 2013

    yaaaa sub jhot ha ore maryam nawaz k khalaf asi baat kartay hohay usa sharam ani chayya jis na yaaa sub pic tayyar ki hannnnn

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  11. wasim ali bhatti

    Jun 08. 2013

    maryyam nawaz zinda bad

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  12. Anounmous

    Jun 09. 2013

    Dont know its fake or not..or there is any relationship between those two or I am just a normal guy like you guys..But Yeah I am die heart PTI and Imran Khan supporter..As a Insafayian its my duty to support truth as I have seen noon league to adobed Sir Imran Khan picture by editing ashmit patel a ex-bf of veena malik however that was such a cheap move..But anyways you can see clearly that Maryam nawaz is looking at left and Ashan Iqbal is looking straight….Means They both looked on two different cameras..However they must know that if these pictures got leaked then there would be a issue on media and everywhere…So if there is any relation between them I dont think so they would expose it this picture seems to me fake and baseless senseless….so as Imran Khan…so stop doing personal attacks…message as a Insafiyan

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  13. Aftab

    Jun 29. 2013

    Acha kia bhag gai saali warna Fauji gaurd ki jaga , Naukron,malion,khan saman, driver, bawarchi aur pata ni kis kis se ___ rahi hoti ab tak

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  14. Sarfraz Meer

    Jul 06. 2013

    Maryam Nawaz Bohat Acchi Lady Hain__Jo Loog Maryam Nawaz K Bare Mein Galat Jothey Remarks Detey Hain__Woo begerat Loog Hain__Mashallah Maryam Bahen K Cehre ( Face) Sey Bi Pata Chalta Hy K Maryam Bahen Aik Naik Seerat & Khush Khalaq Urat Hy___Khuda K Liye Oss K Bare Galat Batain Na Kiya Karo Plzzzz

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  15. Syed khadim Ullah Noor

    Jul 07. 2013

    To me this pic is totally wrong and fake… I am not the supporter of PMLN. Beside Maryam is a very Innocent, kind, Honest, Helpful and supporter of all dirt poor as well… Why we all just blame her until we got some solid proof from any one or media. Look there is so much hug gap of age between both. He may be stand behind her but it does not make any sense to throw dust on her perspicacious Personality, Maryam is nice, cute, and trim as well so thats why stupid or nonsense people are just trying to scatter wrong Image of her in the Minds of people. Listen to me you all who are trying to do it, so it is not so easy as you all think,… although all the Women are so Innocent and kind hearted so please give her respect instead of insult… We all are one , we all are Muslims and we all are not suppose to do stupid things like it.

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  16. muhammad shahid

    Jul 25. 2013

    Daughters are common and being a muslim we should avoid discussion as per teaching of islam

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  17. Jay

    Dec 16. 2013

    I love you Maryam,

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    • FAIZ

      Aug 27. 2014


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  18. sajjad

    Apr 08. 2014

    buri baat he ese kisi pr bila wja ilzaam nahi lgana chahey hm be behn beti wale hen

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  19. Yasir

    Jun 27. 2014

    In my opinion this is her personal life, and we should not interfere in it.

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  20. Younas Mahsood

    Jul 07. 2014

    Ye jis ny kiya hy wo kindly aainda k liye aisa na krien na Mayam Nawaz ny aisa gandi harkat ki hy or Na Imran Khan aisa jisa k ye tasveer may aya hy…

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  21. Barfi

    Aug 09. 2014

    tm saray bkwas kr lo…..deekhna ma faruk hota ha…..agr fake tou well and gud…koi tension nai or agr asul ha tou negative kyn la rha ho yr………tm sb na apna kisi relatives ki mehndi ya wedding ceremony tou attend ki e ho gi…..tb tm rok nai skta apna ghr ya relatives ko ya Islam ma jaiz nai…..or ab yahan kisi ki life ma “_____” sheila ko jawani or munni ki budnaami deekh skta tou ya kyn nai ?????

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  22. M

    Aug 14. 2014

    1-1/2 Arab dollar saudi arab se 10 saal ki jila watni ki marriam ki kmai i hay

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  23. asadhassan

    Aug 30. 2014

    app sab ko sharam ani chahiye yeh sab kuch jhoot hai bohtan hai

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  24. Binish

    Sep 03. 2014

    Bilkul durust faraia mare sab bhaio ne Maryam Nowaz innocent hai esi lea to wo apne bap ki ezat ki perwa kea bagair apne bap k security guard k sath bhag gai thi. Please SOchea jo apne bap ki EZAT na rakh saki wo Qoum ki ezat kia rakhe gi.

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  25. saher shah

    Sep 07. 2014

    she is very nice and honest lady so khudara ap q us ko bura keh rahy ho …bht sy log maryam nawaz sy jealous hoty ha pti kn c achi ha imran khan huh

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  26. khan

    Oct 14. 2014

    maryam nawaz was married to capt safdar because she was pregnant with a child of safdar and threatened her “sharif” father that she will run away if not got married (Nawaz was against this marriage) but just like marta kia na karta… nawaz surrendered coz his own political reputation was at stake…
    proof can be made available

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  27. shakeel Ahmed

    Oct 21. 2014

    aoa, this is never true.

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    Dec 09. 2014


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    Dec 12. 2014


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  30. Abdulaziz

    Dec 16. 2014

    ? !’

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  31. Arslan

    Mar 05. 2015

    yeh sahi pic hai

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